Delivering for a Greater Purpose

Each year, more than 40 million nuclear medical procedures are performed around the world.

At BWXT Medical, we’re tackling some of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. Our dedicated team of more than 300 employees located in Ottawa and Vancouver are developing innovative, full-service solutions.

Our vision is to be the most relied-upon nuclear medicine company in the world; developing, manufacturing and delivering products for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapeutic treatments that improve patient outcomes worldwide.

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Built on More Than 40 Years of Expertise

In 2018, BWXT acquired Sotera Health’s Nordion Medical Isotopes division to enable the development and delivery of a ground-breaking technology poised to make a significant, positive impact on the supply reliability of the North American nuclear medicine market.

Combining the power of innovative technology for Technetium-99m generators and the expertise of an established leader in the nuclear medicine industry created the foundation of our nuclear medicine business: BWXT Medical. With more 40 years of industry experience and a world-class product portfolio, our team is now at the forefront of medical isotope and radiopharmaceutical production, with an unwavering commitment to service and reliability.

Making a Difference

At BWXT Medical, our employees are committed to making a difference every day, knowing the profound impact their work has on patients.

Watch Jamie’s story and see how his role at BWXT Medical deeply resonates with his personal journey. 

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