Community & Compliance

Committed to our community.

We use a variety of tools to share information with the local community that surrounds our Ottawa facility. We regularly keep our neighbours informed on our operational performance, health and safety, activities in the community and other general information.

Here are our most recent communications:

Supporting Our Community

We believe that healthy communities are strong communities and take great pride in giving back.
Through BWXT Volunteer Strong, our employees have the opportunity to help build stronger communities for those that live and work in them by volunteering time and expertise to local causes that are important to the Kanata community.

Community Survey

Community surveys help us to obtain feedback on our public information program, including strengths and key areas for improvement pertaining to community outreach. The first survey was conducted in 2023, by Ipsos, an independent research firm, to provide us with baseline community feedback. Copies of community survey reports are available below.

2023 Community Survey Report

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To Learn More About our Community Engagement Program

Call 1.833.657.4565 (North America) or 1.613.963.2621 (International).

BWXT's Corporate Giving:

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